Learn More About Ford SYNC ®

What is Ford SYNC®? Ford SYNC® is the next generation of voice-activated technology. There are currently two versions: Voice-activated SYNC®, and Next Gen SYNC® 3. Both versions offer intuitive hands-free control of your technology features, with SYNC® 3 offering additional capabilities. With either version of Ford SYNC®, your eyes can remain firmly on the road as you use voice-activated commands to control your music, climate control, phone settings and more. Schedule a test-drive at our Ford dealership near Chester, PA, to learn more.

The capacitive touchscreen is where you'll have control over features that Ford SYNC® 3 offers. Select your favorite radio station, adjust the temperature, make a phone call or check navigation, all from one easy-to-reach place. Plus, Enhanced Voice Recognition can make it easy to control all of these functions with simple, real world commands. Combine SYNC® 3 with steering-wheel-mounted audio and phone controls, and you'll have all of your technology at your beck and call from the moment you slide into the driver's seat.


If your Ford car, truck or SUV offers Ford+Alexa, you can connect via SYNC® 3 AppLink® to gain access to Traffic Information, Amazon Prime shopping and even control supported Smart Home Devices, all from the comfort of your Ford vehicle. Drivers of vehicles that offer SYNC® Connect can use FordPass™ for remote actions, and the available SYNC® Connect Wi-Fi® hotspot can keep everyone in your car connected.

What Ford Models Have Ford SYNC®?

Ford SYNC® and Ford SYNC® 3 are available on many popular new Ford models. You can find this technology in the Ford Fusion, Ford Explorer, Ford F-150 and many other vehicles. If you have specific questions about Ford SYNC® capability in the Ford car, truck or SUV that you'd like to buy or lease, contact Porter Ford. We'll answer your questions and set you up with a test-drive so you can experience the Ford SYNC® technology for yourself!


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