Make the most out of your vehicle investment by staying current on its maintenance schedule. Necessary tasks like tire rotations and oil changes will not only maintain the value of your vehicle but also keep you safe while driving. You can get these tasks taken care of easily at our on-site service center. Let's learn more about the importance of scheduling service regularly.

Oil Changes

Changing your oil according to manufacturer recommendations can increase fuel efficiency around Bear, DE, while also improving performance and lengthening your engine’s lifespan. The lubrication of precision engine parts is just one of the functions oil provides. It also acts as a cleansing agent, carrying away the abrasive metal dust that engine parts shed as they move. If dirty oil isn’t replaced, this metal dust can act like sandpaper, wearing down parts and lowering your engine’s lifespan.

Tire Care

Another critical maintenance task is tire care. While most Wilmington, DE drivers prefer to monitor tread depth or tire pressure themselves, these can easily be checked by a mechanic while performing the more complex task of rotating the tires. Driving patterns unique to your daily routine will cause certain tires to wear more than others, such as the left front tire wearing more quickly if you make a lot of left turns on your route to work each day. Exchanging places allows your tires to wear at an even rate, which means you’ll replace your tires less frequently.

Visit Porter Ford to Learn More

At our Ford dealership near Elkton, MD, we want to make vehicle maintenance as easy as possible, so we’ve included a convenient way for you to book your next appointment online at a time that works with your busy schedule. We’ll get right to work on the services that will keep your car performing at its best. We always use quality Ford parts when applicable, and our technicians are trained in the best practices to keep your vehicle performing reliably and efficiently. We look forward to working with you soon!

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