To Our U.S. Dealer Partners:

Ford is committed to working with you to ensure a seamless transition as we sunset our traditional sedans and move into having the freshest product lineup among full-line makers by 2020. We're so passionate about our product and this new more robust and more diverse lineup we'll have for you.

We intend to grow sales. We're doing this by removing sedans where the market is declining and adding new nameplates to our utilities and crossover products. We'll also refresh the existing lineup of models we all love, like Escape and Explorer.

These new models will be increasingly centered on performance - designed to fit active lifestyles. They'll have world-class fuel efficiency and include hybrid electric and battery electric vehicle propulsion. They'll come in a variety of heights and sizes with affordable price points

Also, we'll have more exciting derivatives like Raptor, plus our ST line and Active line. We cannot wait to show you all this at the upcoming dealer meeting in Las Vegas!

We appreciate your support in this time of transition, and we will work with you to make sure your business remains profitable.


Jim Farley

Executive Vice President and President, Global Markets