Learn About the New Ford Ranger for Sale in Newark, DE

When it comes to trucks, Ford represents a leader in the industry. Ford makes some of the most popular vehicles in the country and continues to innovate with its various models. The new Ford Ranger will make a great truck for your Newark, DE job sites. At Porter Ford, we can educate you about the latest features of the Ford pickup truck. It has many great technological innovations to improve the way you drive. You can easily and quickly go off the beaten path in search of an adventure. It also has modern technological innovations to make your life easier in dangerous driving situations.

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The new Ranger stands out for its exceptional design. The crew cab has a luxurious design, as it represents a truck for people who like to explore the Bear, DE area. The front seats appear firm and supportive so that you can spend hours on the road. The Ranger has two rear seats to accommodate friends or family. The new Ford Ranger beats out most trucks in utility and modern technology.


On the outside, the Ford truck looks fierce and ready for all your adventures. It includes a large cabin that offers enough space to accommodate four people, and you also get a truck bed that can carry your sporting gear. You also have multiple appearance packages, so you can make the truck look just the way you want it to look for your Wilmington, DE commutes. Ford built the Ranger for drivers who want a sporty truck that provides a fun driving experience. You also have multiple Ranger wheels to consider for the exterior. This variety means you can customize all aspects of this truck to suit your unique taste.

New Ford Ranger Interior
Ford Ranger towing a boat


The Ford Ranger stands out from its competition in the areas of technology and performance. As a midsize truck, it still offers the capability you would get from a more powerful and expensive truck. Ford designed the Ranger for a different kind of truck enthusiast, as it provides a sporty option for people who like to explore nature rather than complete challenging hauls. Additionally, the Ford truck also looks a lot better than its competition. You get many new technical innovations with this truck, and it all starts with its integrated suite of sensors to help you stay in control of your driving environment. The Ranger has a 360° view that helps you figure out if anything will happen if you navigate in one direction. The technology can detect collisions before they happen, and it can even help you keep in your lane.


The new Ranger also offers automatic emergency braking for those times when you need a little assistance. If you need to haul a trailer around Elkton, MD, the Ranger includes multiple technical innovations to make it easy for you to drive with the trailer attached to your truck. You also get a seamless connection with the integrated 4G LTE hotspot. It helps you stay connected if you stay within 50 feet of your vehicle. This tech makes it a great option for people who want to explore and still get work done.

Ford Ranger on a cliff

Ford Ranger Trim Levels

The new Ford Ranger comes in three different trim levels, but each of them has little advantages you need to consider. These options include:

  • Ranger XL
  • Ranger XLT
  • Ranger Lariat

The iconic Ford Ranger gives you complete coverage, and you have great options for whatever situations you might encounter. We believe you will love driving the Ranger every day. Please contact our Ford sales specialists or stop by Porter Ford in Newark, DE to test drive a Ranger.